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Rivkah is an Administrator and English instructor at Assemble-Together eCampus. She has homeschooled her five children for the past fifteen years while...

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Rivkah Holland
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Rivkah Holland
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Today is rivkahh's Birthday
Today is rivkahh's Birthday
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Papa was transferred to a skilled nursing facility over the Shabbat, he was exhausted and subdued all day yesterday, but today seems back to his new normal and wants to be doing something! This is good! We will see him this afternoon :)
A friend of the children passed away last Thursday we found out last night. TT and Josh were probably closest and took it pretty hard. Keep us all in prayer.
Papa's surgery is scheduled for 6am tomorrow.
Please keep this in the A-T Family we are not posting on "the other place" :)

Tzav's Dad had surgery in May to place two stents in his leg in an attempt to save his foot. It looks like that did not work and they are making preparations to amputate. Tzav's brother was in school in Georgia and will be able to fly in tonight, BH. All close family has been notified but we aren't trying to inundate Mom with lots of phone calls right now.

If you all could pray for Papa (Robert ben Ester) and for the rest of us, thank you David will be flying in tonight, traveling mercies.
Someone's mom has 4 sons: North, West, and South. What is the name of the fourth son. Reply to the post via private msg on Yammer!