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Rivkah is an Administrator and English instructor at Assemble-Together eCampus. She has homeschooled her five children for the past fifteen years while...

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We finally settled with the insurance company and have been informed that there is a new law in TX effective last fall.

"A new law in Texas that goes into effect on Sept. 1, 2019, makes it clear that it's illegal for a contractor or roofer to waive an insurance deductible, according to the state insurance department."

This means that we are $1000 dollars short on our deductible payment that will be due when the work is finished. We want to start work on the 14th of this month and it should be finished by the 25th.

Please give as you are able and pray for us to make up the deficit in time.

If you haven't posted your pics for Week 2 there is still time! Last week's winners were the McCullar girls :) for Silly Sock Day.

This Hexamester will be School Spirit Month!
​Check your A-T social media/email for more details.
​School Spirit Hexamester
Week 1 10/19 - Silly Sock Day
Week 2 10/26 - Homeschool Uniform(Pajama Day)
Week 3 11/2 - Red, White, and Blue Day
Week 4 11/9 - Favorite Fandom T-Shirt Day
Week 5 11/16 - Crazy Hat Day
Week 6 11/23 - School Color Day
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We had chickens, and lizards, and dragons at today's recess. We were inside and outside and very much in Imagination Land. If you missed out, we missed you!
Whoa! The school starts this Wednesday. What a great break we have had but it definitely flew by!

This Hexamester's theme is SCHOOL SPIRIT. We will be doing a series of fun activities much like a traditional homecoming week, but all hexamester long. Here is the dress-up schedule:

Week 1 - 10/19 - Silly Sock Day
Week 2 - 10/26 - Homeschool Uniform(Pajama Day)
Week 3 - 11/2 - Red, White, and Blue
Week 4 - 11/9 - Favorite T-Shirt
Week 5 - 11/16 - Crazy Hat Day
Week 6 - 11/23 - School Color Day(Orange, Black, and White)

The way to participate and earn badges you can display as your profile pics is twofold:

1. Post pics of your participation on A-T.Life and Yammer.
2. Email the same pics to me rikvah.holland@assemble-together.net

I will be awarding badges weekly and one major SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD at the end of the hexamester to one lucky student or family. This should be a lot of fun, I look forward to all the zany pics.

Rivkah Holland, MA Ed.
At 5am the pipe feeding fresh water to the upstairs toilet burst. It flooded the bathroom, the hall, an upstairs bedroom, then leaked through to the dining room, the kitchen and my bedroom. My bedroom sustained the most damage.
I know all of our PATCH faithful have noticed I have been missing the last couple of weeks. I have been absent so that we could get some educational diagnostic testing done. One of my children is profoundly dyslexic. Tomorrow I will be away yet again so that I can be trained in how to teach a Orton-Gillingham Method style of reading.
I had two topics that I planned on discussing tomorrow so I will share them here.
IXL has a diagnostic feature that is really robust. I sent my youngest through it and one other student from A-T, the results were right on target. The bonus of using the diagnostic is that it updates in real-time and the "recommendations" tab will suggest the next skills your student should be learning. If you opt to take the diagnostic know that it takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Give your student a few breaks, no helping on the test, and make sure they use the button that says that they haven't learned that skill yet when necessary.
The second is an amazing find!
This is an ebook/read-aloud/video/comic-book library. I signed up as a teacher using my @assemble-together.net email address and my account is free. When you sign up choose the Lexile Reading System it matches up to ReadTheory and will help you choose the right books for your different readers. You can use this site on your computer or download the app to a mobile device both work really well.
If you have any questions...comment below.
What books should kids read before they graduate?
What books do you think all children should read before they graduate?
Giraffe, Tiger, or Bee
What should our mascot be?
@joel-brewer LOVE the new profile pic!!
Robby's Graduation :)
I made Robby's diploma today, he has finished up his studies and will be my first Graduate!! I am so happy about this :D