Terms of Service
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  •    1. Connecting the People of the Past with the People of the Present

    We will offer a platform capable of presenting factual information, past and present, about individuals and their lives.

       2. Interactive Historical Record

    Our platform will allow for the most interactive way to learn about and from history; whether that be 1000 years ago or 1 minute ago.  Without people we wouldn’t have history, therefore history is all about people and their actions.

       3. Credible Research Tool

    We will strive to present ALL view points and supporting evidence when considering non-provable historical record.  We will also strive to present controversy, potential flaws in dating and/or artifact recognition, in a balanced and objective manner.

        4.  Let the Reader Judge

    We will strive to present facts as “facts” and opinions as “opinions”; so that the reader can make their own judgement. 

       5. Autobiographies

    Our platform will encourage and enable members to record their own stories; so that an accurate historical record of their own lives would be available.

        6. Multi-media

    We will strive to support the latest multi-media technologies; so that the highest level of interactivity can be experienced by our members.

       7. G-rated

    We will ensure through strict moderation that a child of any age can safely research or interact with the platform.

       8. Social Networking

    Our platform will offer the latest social media technologies to assist in the capture of information to be shared.

         9. Privacy

    Our platform will strive to protect the privacy of all living persons of any age; while at the same time, offering the options for individuals over age 13 the right to share information with whom they please.