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Just starting my Hebraic language on line here. Question for anyone...
"a Little" - p'tsat - is this the correct spelling?
"Hebrew" - how is Hebrew spelled?
Thanks :-)
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Am so looking forward to Prophets and Kings study, tonight!!! 6P - NOT 6:30P!!! Hashem willing and the creek don't rise, I will be here and ON TIME!!!!! Shalom, Y'all!!! :-)
Problems w signing in to Prophets and Kings, tonight. My personal timetable is off tonight. Thought this began at 6:30 PM. Next week!!! Setting my alarm on my calendar!!! Shalom
Please be in prayer for my nieces Becky and Jamie as their step-dad died this last Wednesday night, rather unexpectedly. Becky was extremely close to him and needs lifted up.
Betty Babberl
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3 years ago
ready for Cup of Joe with Jo!!!!! Already on Skype!!!!! :-D
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ready for Cup of Joe with Jo!!!!! Already on Skype!!!!! :-D
Shalom Shalom to all! slowly but surely figuring things out. I made it back to my outlook account all by myself, with God's help, of course. :-)
Shalom Shalom to all. What are some things coming up that I might join in on for today?
What an indoctrination into Cup of Joe with Jo!!! WOWZA!!! Light conversation, my *** :-)
Next time you mute everyone, David - remember to unmute me, too!!! :-D Thanks David for all your help in getting on skype with this group!!!!!!
I truly enjoyed last night's KP study!!! Thanks to David and Jo for allowing me into their home and thanks to Clear and Eliyanah for allowing me to ask questions as we went along! That was fun for me! love the discussion!!!