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Kings & Prophets study on Tuesday at 6pm CST. We'll be in Chapter 10 of 2 Samuel. This chapter is going to show us that David continues in kindness and has success in his campaign against foreign enemies. It's a great time of discussion . Hope to see you there.
On "Cup of Joe" this week, we'll be having our usual time of visiting with one another. We'll keep it casual. Grab up your favorite beverage: coffee, tea, soda, water... This is a great time to get to know the other women on A-T
613 Mitzvoth class tonight with Bayli. We're still discussing the "positive" commands. Tonight we will address #181 the Axed Heifer; #182, 225 Establishing Six Cities of Refuge/Law of Manslaughter; #183 Assigning Cities to the Levites; and #184 Removing Sources of Danger from our Habitations.
We read the entries, discuss them, read what Rabbi has written about them on his blog and discuss some more.
Join us, please.
Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom! Before we go "tech-less", I wanted to remind everyone of some excellent classes coming up this week:
Sunday evening at 6pm CST: 613 Mitzvoth with Bayli leading
Tuesday evening at 6pm CST: Kings & Prophets with Clear leading
Tuesday morning at 11:30am CST: Hebrew 1. Be ready to discuss what you've been studying and with questions for me about Lesson 13.
Tuesday afternoon at 2pm CST: Hebrew 2 Lesson 24 sentences?
Wednesday afternoon at 12:45pm CST: Cup of Joe with Jo
Thursday morning and afternoon: repeats of Hebrew classes with new assignments.
Of course, all of Rabbi's classes are still available as well as Sima's class on Monday at 12:30CST.
Lots of things available. Don't miss out!!!
Shabbat Shalom
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Jo Howell
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Cup of Joe today, ladies. 12:45 CDT. We'll discuss the upcoming book study which begins on the 24th.
@jul, @judy-howard ,@bay, @rivkah-holland ,@kristi,@bet,@eliy

We're going to cover the First section. Read it if you have time😊
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Jo Howell
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Cup of Joe today, ladies. 12:45 CDT. We'll discuss the upcoming book study which begins on the 24th.
@jul, @judy-howard ,@bay, @rivkah-holland ,@kristi,@bet,@eliy

Tried to tag Julie, Bayli, Betty, Kristina, Eliyanah, etc, but don't see that it worked. Could someone take it upon themselves to remind those who didn't make the "tag" list? Thanks
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Cup of Joe today, ladies. 12:45 CDT. We'll discuss the upcoming book study which begins on the 24th.
@jul, @judy-howard ,@bay, @rivkah-holland ,@kristi,@bet,@eliy
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Off to another week!!! Tonight, don't forget about 613 Mitzvot class led by Bayli. We start at 6pm. We were just getting started in the fall special days, but no one showed up last week. Not sure what Bayli has in mind for tonight, so just show up and be surprised.

Tuesday, 6pm CDT, will be our Kings and Prophets study. We're ready to start on Chapter 8 of 2 Samuel. Always good discussion and discovery in this class.

Wednesday is Cup of Joe with Jo. We'll have our usual chit-chat time and will be gearing up of our book study to begin on the 24th. Ladies, you won't want to miss out on this one.

Hebrew I class is at 11:30 CDT on Tuesday. Hopefully everyone will have listened to Lesson 11 and will come with questions and discussion about what was learned in that lessons. Sentences will be due on Thursday this week.

Hebrew (( class is at 2:00pm CDT on Tuesday. We're working on Level 2 Lesson 22. Same directions as Hebrew I class this week.

Also...Sima's class on Monday at 12:30CDT, Rabbi's classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I think that should keep all of us engaged and busy for this week.

Baruch HaShem for this amazing on-line family!!!
I must apologize for not being on here recently. Actually, I haven't been "on" anywhere for some time. We've come through a very amazing month of special days, personal growth, and introspection. Now...since we're all's time to get back in the groove.
CUP OF JOE with JO will be on tomorrow (Skype for Business) at 12:45pm CDT. Got something new coming soon, so you won't want to miss out, ladies.
613 MITZVOT will resume on Sunday, October 7 at 6pm CDT. I think we were just getting into the mitzvot concerning the fall special days. We'll see where Bayli wants to take us when we all get there.
KINGS and PROPHETS will resume on Tuesday, October 9, at 6pm CDT. When we were last together, I think we were just ready to (or had just started) 2 Samuel 7. Again, we'll regroup next week and all get back "on the same page".
So ready to get back into our weekly routines.

OH -- HEBREW LEVEL ONE will resume Thursday of this week at 11:30 CDT. Be sure to have three sentences covering lessons 1-10 ready to share. Then we will be ready to move on.
HEBREW LEVEL TWO will also resume on Thursday at 2pm CDT. Not sure where we're going to pick up, but we'll figure that out when we get together (Elyianah Yardan and Billy Yardman).
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I found a few duplicates, so I believe there is now 48 words or phrases. I just tested myself to see what I need to LOT!
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In our last Hebrew class I made the challenge to our participants to have all the vocabulary words and phrases in the list below memorized by our next class, after Sukkot. Why? I guess, I needed to challenge myself and thought why not see who can memorize the most words.

No rewards except the fact that we can impress our teacher @jo-howell should be good enough.

So from lessons 1 – 10 here is the list. All the words are in English to make it tougher.
(I don’t seem to be connected to Julie. Will someone forward this to her, please.)
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Four (as in 4:00)
I know (m)
With you (m)
It is
At your place
To buy
Understand (f)
With me
To drink
I know (f)
At what time
To eat
Two (as in 2:00)
Excuse me
I want
It is here
See you later
It is 9:00
To do
Me too
Understand (m)
A little
Not so well
With whom
It is there
Where is it
Here I am
How are you (f)
The time is
Here is a conversation in Hebrew
What time is it
It is 9:00
It is2:00
It is 5:00
It is 3:00
It is 1:00