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happy happy birthday Jo... March is the best of months! with the youth and life (and green) of spring.
Morning prayer album - Greet the mornin' with a giggle...
Adon Olam
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I haven't listened to the Hebrew lessons in awhile. It's good we are starting from the beginning of unit 2!!!
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Dating Advice: You Wont Hear From Anyone Else! Wow, a completely different world view. At 40, this makes soooo much sense.
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Baruch Hu, who provides all our needs - and includes internet, for school, for rabbis, for community! Our monthly allotment is reset :D
Oh my gosh... everything just has to finish cooking now. And clean, and dress, and... smell my beautiful roses. Todah Shmuel
These kids are very busy on costume making. Liven up school a little :)
Has anyone ever had a monkey show up on your computer screen and tell you there is some sort of server error on Kahn and Youtube? Norton virus scan didn't find anything...