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A big thanks to @jo-howell , @dave-howell , @kristina-herrera , @tim-herrera , @bayli-brewer and @judy-howard - for a GREAT Shabbat discussion and fellowship.
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The 152nd mitzvah is that we are commanded regarding the signs of fish. These signs are explained in Scripture in G‑d's statement,1 "This is what you may eat of all that is in the water."

Our Sages said explicitly in Gemara Chullin,2 "One who eats a non-kosher fish transgresses both a positive commandment and a prohibition." This is because the statement "this you may eat" implies that other things you may not eat, and that a prohibition which is implied from a positive commandment is counted as a positive commandment. This shows that the phrase, "This is what you may eat" constitutes a positive commandment.

As mentioned previously, when we say that this is a positive commandment, we mean that we are commanded to judge according to these signs and declare "this may be eaten" and "this may not be eaten." This is clear from the verse,3 "You must separate out the clean animals and birds from the unclean," and this distinction can only be made through [examining] the signs. Therefore, each of these four categories of signs — those of beheimot and chayot, of birds, of locust, and of fish — constitutes a separate mitzvah. We have already quoted the language of our Sages where each is called a separate positive commandment.

The details of this mitzvah — regarding the signs of fish — are explained in the third chapter of tractate Chullin.
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@sima-siegel last night I made the French Chicken in a Pot recipe you Blessed us with but I put it in an instapot and it turned out so good. My family said it was a do again, they loved it. Thank you for your class :)
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I'm curious what is the ladies preference for head coverings, scarf or wig? Coverage, full or partial (scarf)? Why your choice? This has been on my mind for quite some time and i have bought the wigs and partial scarves. I have not tried the full covering and have done you tube searches of how to, but i really haven't found one that i fully understand. I understand its mostly personal choice how and why, so i am asking you all. Thank you in advance.
Nehemiah was admitted in the hospital today. Please keep him in your prayers. ❤🙏
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It's amazing what can be achieved when you put a bounty on something... Kids can find anything when there's a price tag attached lol! PLUS all the other things that were lost, but now is found😂😂😂
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There is nothing like filling out Holy cards with the littles. A scribble here and a mark there. Then chasing them off to put addresses on.
Such a Beautiful time. Our Shul was giving an abundant amount of cards away so I picked up what i could. The littles get to send all their cousins their own cards. What joy to get mail from the mailman :)

If we can Bless you with a beautiful card/cards please message a good mailing address. Even if its just for the kiddos. Mine would love to send their new friends some cards.
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My sister shared this this morning and I thought it was so beautiful I needed to share it... What better place than here?! ❤

Elul. Blanching. Eating a bowl of Peaches.

The time of Elul is a season before the Fall Feast Days of examining our hearts. Are there are offenses we have been holding on to that others have committed against us? Are there offenses we have made? Are we holding on to bitterness when we should be letting go? The time of Elul gives us a time where we can honestly reflect and repent. To take a good look in the mirror, take a good look at our hearts. To ask the hard questions, is what is in my heart line up with Yahweh’s word? Where do I need to repent and REALLY change?

The whole approach of Elul is a wonderful one really, if and only if we are willing to put in the work. What does that mean exactly?

This was the first summer I have ever “blanched” any kind of produce. Do you know what blanching is? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: a cooking: to scald or parboil in water or steam in order to remove the skin from, whiten, or stop enzymatic action in (such as food for freezing)

We have a peach tree in the back yard that produces an amazing amount of fruit! When the peaches are ready there is so much excitement in our house! After they have been picked and are sitting in my kitchen, there is a moment of sheer panic! Now what?.......WHAT DO I DO with all these peaches?

I asked a friend to coach me in the process of blanching. I attacked the process with sincere energy and delight. I felt so domestic and was looking forward to the peaches we would have this coming winter. What I did NOT expect is the intense process it is to actually “blanch” a single peach!

1. First you need to bring some water to a boil. Each peach needs to boil for 30 to 45 seconds. Which means you cant boil too many at once. One to two at a time is what is suggested. (just wait we are not done yet)
2. Next the peaches need to be put into ice water to soak. The ice water shocks the peaches and stops the boiling process. This allows you to peal the skins quite easily.
3. Then you will remove the skin of the peaches and remove the seed pits.
4. At this point you need to inspect the peaches and make sure the peaches were not too bruised. To cut away any parts that might not be good.
5. Finally, after inspection you slice the peaches in halves or fourths and place into freezer bags to freeze.
6. Come December time your taste buds will be the happiest when they experience tasting summer peaches in winter!

The process was long and VERY time consuming. I could NOT have done it on my own. My son had the job of taking the boiling peaches to the ice station. I had my daughter at the peeling station. I had to mand the boiling of the peaches and the timer. It turned out to be a fun time, we learned that we were a great team.

During the process of blanching, I couldn’t help but feel how much it was a reflection of the process it takes for the Father to make us more in His likeness.

Do we want to experience joy? Do we want to know the freedom that comes from forgiveness, and repentance in our lives? Are we willing to go through the process? The boiling away of our sin nature? The freezing of wrong attitudes or behaviors? The peeling away the things that don’t reflect the Father’s heart?

If we are willing to put in the hard work it takes to get a tasty peach, you blanche. If we are willing to put in the hard work to inspect our actions and thoughts, it is repentance that needs to take place.

When we take the time of Elul to do the hard things, to truly see the fruit we are bearing in our lives, it is no easy task. It is not easy to be honest and face the not so wonderful things about ourselves…..

But, thankfully that is not where the story ends.

When we take the time of Elul as a special time of growing closer to our Messiah, we can approach Sukkot, a time of celebration with clean hearts and pure hands. Oh joyous day!

When I break out my peaches from the freezer this year, I will be so very grateful, not just for the fruit, but for the lesson I learned in this process. Father, thank you for seasons of boiling, freezing, inspection and removing, because I know it will make me more like you.

We have been given this precious and specific time of Elul to set aside what is not of God and get our heart and actions right.

Blanching?......How do I feel about the process?
Daunting? Yes.
Worth it? Every single bit, yes!

When Sukkot comes around, you can bet that THIS girl will be having a big bowl of peaches! #Findingjoyinthejourney #Elul #repentance #joywillcome #Dothehardthings #LetDOTHIS

blessings to you sweet Tess
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My brother posted this kn fb so I decided to share here:
The National Guard is being deployed to our Texas area. (Houston) If you find yourself in a state of emergency.
Call 1-800-527-3907
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How is everyone doing? Has the storm passed yet?
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