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Introducing...Path of the Just
Eliyanah Jordan Yarden
Thursday July 19 2018, 9:07 PM
Introducing...Path of the Just

I loved this book, some time ago, when I first read it. But it is one that can be read repeatedly. In fact, the author recommends reviewing it.

Oh... and in case it is not on your bookshelves already, I just found it on Amazon Kindle... $4.99

I suppose I should go find a history of Rabbi Luzzatto and insert that here. But the man is not why I loved the book the first time I read it. I don't even know why my dear Shmuel bought it. It was probably on a list of recommended books from... and found at a used Jewish book store. We also have The Way of God, same author.

But here, on A-Tec(ia), I can read and discuss all sorts of wonderful books with wonderful friends!! Yahooooo! Did I mention I love books, and book studies, and everything booky?

In the Author's Introduction, he says he is not here to teach the reader new things, but to bring to light things the reader knows but forgets to think about - things that are right and true and aught to be... but we forget to be. Ex. I can take walking for granted, never thinking about it, until it hurts and I can't walk anymore. Then I have to learn how to stretch and strengthen certain tendons and muscles and whatnot that I never bothered with before. In this case, we are talking about purposely examining ourselves and improving our spiritual tendons and mussels. "That which nature seeks to remove from our hearts, reading and contemplation will summon to our consciousness, and will awaken us to what is incumbent upon us." pg 15

Torah leads to Watchfulness; Watchfulness leads to Zeal; Zeal leads to Cleanliness; Cleanliness leads to Separation; Separation leads to Purity; Purity leads to Saintliness; Saintliness leads to Humility; Humility leads to Fear of Sin; Fear of Sin leads to Holiness; Holiness leads to the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit leads to the Revival of the Dead." pg 13, and Avodah Zara 20b

So... whether yall read this with me now, or a year from now, I would love to share thoughts about this work... and the next, and the next... We can have a whole A-Tecia bookcase full of book journals that we have shared.

Chapter 1 coming soon...

Judy Howard
@judy-howard   2 years ago
@eliyanah-jordan-yarden Thank you for such a wonderful invitation and review. I read a lot too. And have a stack of books waiting to be read. I am currently reading Derech HaShem. It is a tough book to read. I am part of a group going through the book. It helps getting through some tough areas.

What a great idea to share you thoughts and feelings on this work. I look forward to reading your blogs.
Eliyanah Jordan Yarden
@eliyanah-jordan-yarden   2 years ago

I have a PDF, and a hardback book, and we found this on Sefaria. On our first day of school, we decided it was easiest to put the Sefaria on our big screen and read it together. It is 10:30, Day 2, and I am just now sitting down to gather my own thoughts to blog. Oh, oopse... day isn't done yet...
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