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The Man Who Would Be King
Description: This is our book for Hex 2.
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Romeo and Juliet
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Description: Romeo and Juliet Summary An age-old vendetta between two powerful families erupts into bloodshed. A group of masked Montagues risk further conflict by gatecrashing a Capulet party. A young lovesick Romeo Montague falls instantly in love with...
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Treasure Island

This will be our Hex 2 Reading Book. 

Aesop's Fables

Selected Works for  September 8th.

The Snow Queen - Hans...

    Read the Snow Queen to discuss on 25th of August.

Welcome Back! Happy...

I will be posting here throughout the day to celebrate...

Beauty and the Beast by...

Beauty and the Beast is a magical tale of love,...

Rebel Words

Words that don't follow the rules.

The Power of Psalms

A journey through the Psalms.  A deep consideration of...

Month of Cheshvan

This is an interesting month in kabbalah.  A time of...


What a great message from Lord Rabbi Sacks. A NAIL OF...

Yom Kippur

God full of mercy! Allow me to experience the awesome...