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Cup of Joe will be hosted by Bayli this week (Sept. 2) I'll be out of town attending the funeral of my dear friend's mother. @julie-brunner
Saw an interesting sign on a local church marquee today: "God didn't create anything without a purpose, but mosquitoes come close." Made me smile so I had to share with the hopes that someone else would smile, too.
Wow! It's been a long time, once again, that I've been away from A-T. I am happy to report that I'm finally beginning to feel like my "old" self again. Heart is good. Lungs are good. Have me a king-sized stomach ulcer, but the medications seem to be getting that under control. I want to remind all the women of A-T that we're still meeting on Teams at 12:45pm CDT for "Cup of Joe with Jo". Just a casual time to sit down, relax and visit with other women on our forum. Hope you can join us tomorrow.
Woohoo!!!! Baruch HaSham!!!! My heart is not the culprit. I'm CLEARED for exercise. Let the biking and walking begin!!!
Would appreciate a few prayers lifted on my behalf tomorrow as I undergo an angiogram to see what's causing my chest pains and fatigue. Might keep David in those prayers, too, as he will have a lot of time to wait for answers. Thanks to my family and friends on A-T for your continued support.
Preparation time for Shabbat again. I've spent some time today doing a "homework" assignment give to us by Clear for the King and Prophets class. If there are others of you out there who would like to learn along with us, the class meets on Tuesdays at 5:30pm CDT. We're studying chronologically which really helps "connect the dots" along the way. It's a great class. How about giving it a try :-)
I was curious about the earliest records of musical instruments. Went searching and found out about some flutes made from ivory tusks that were said to be 30,000+ years old. I guess what I had in mind was something similar to what I played (trumpet and French horn). In our Torah Portion this week, we read in B'Midbar 10: 1 that Hashem to Moshe to make two trumpets out of hammered silver. I can picture them in my mind. I think they would look like a French horn "unwound". A long slender tubing of silver that started very narrow and expanded in diameter the longer it got and ended in a flared rim. It's beautiful in my mind.
Just thought I'd share my mind-wanderings today. Have a great day!
Shavua Tov everyone! Have a full and productive week. Shabbat will be here before you know it!
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I wanted to get a quick "hello" to everyone before Shabbat begins. Thank you to my A-T family and friends for all the prayers and well-wishes. I will be seeing the cardiologist on Tuesday to find out what the next steps will be. Have chosen no to worry about this whole thing. I know that I'm in Hashem's perfect care. Have a blessed and restful Shabbat everyone!
My goodness! This cough just will not let go! I feel well enough to take a walk every morning. Baruch Hashem! The rest of the day I'm pretty worthless, however. Looking forward to a restful and inspiring Shabbat. Hope preparation day goes well for all of you. Don't forget Responsa with Rabbi tonight at 6:30 CDT. I think he's teaching something about Shavuot.
Tomorrow is Cup of Joe with Jo. I hope that many of the women of A-T can join us for this relaxing break from our hectic schedules to catch up of each other. We're still going to meet at 12:45pm CDT. There's no agenda. We just share from our hearts whatever we want to share. Please check it out!
@bayli-brewer Hey there, Sweet Girl! Miss you bunches!!! Looking forward to seeing you on Cup of Joe on Wednesday.