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Semi-retired teacher/musician.  Husband of @jo-howell Grandfather, Friend. Former USAF For the time being, living in Central Iowa-with frequent trips to...

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I have no special skills in this area, and, I must admit, I learn best by having to repair my own mistakes, but..........over time, I've figured out several things about making a profile page that works for me, and I am more than willing to share my ideas about customizing profiles. In the process, I will be learning from others as well. :-)

Anyone wishing a helping hand towards customizing your very own personal profile, please feel free to be in touch. In fact, you don't even need to have a reason----drop by any time!!! You can be in touch with me many different ways. One would be by commenting to this timeline entry, OR you can leave me a message on Yammer, OR you can send me an email. Looking forward to helping you and in return you may just be helping me as well. Shalom!!!
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Teaching By The Spirit Ministries
@teaching-by-the-spirit-ministries   2 weeks ago
Mr. Howell, I am still trying to find someone to help me with MSN. Do you think you will have time to help me this week?
Dave Howell
@dave-howell   2 weeks ago
I'd be glad to give it a try----Tuesday or Wednesday are the best days for me, how about you?