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Semi-retired teacher/musician.  Husband of @jo-howell Grandfather, Friend. Former USAF For the time being, living in Central Iowa-with frequent trips to...

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Dave Howell
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2 months ago
Happy birthday @sima-siegel and @kristina-herrera! You guys aren't online here a lot, but I hope you have a great day today!
Dave Howell
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2 months ago
Today is Dave Howell's Birthday
Welcome back to Prophets and Kings Study Group-- after a brief hiatus, it will be great moving forward. @eliyanah-jordan-yarden @julie-brunner @judy-howard @jo-howell @bayli-brewer @shmuel-ben-avraham
Just reminding everyone that Conversational Hebrew starts today. Join in the fun!!!!! For more info, just ask me. This is a Skype for business event, and I'd be glad to include you in our group.
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Just a quick note to everyone, in order to create a bit of uniformity in everyone's schedules, Prophets and Kings study group is still on Tuesdays, but is moving from 6pm CT to 6:30pm CT. Hope to see many of you joining us. If you need Skype for Business invitation, please let me know. If you wish you may contact me here, through Yammer, or at dave.howell@assemble-together.net Thanks
Due to unique circumstances, today's "Kosher Life" will be occurring at 3-430pm ET and 2-330pm CT time. For all other times, please consult you Skype for Business App-----the time should be adjusted accordingly.
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Talk about growing in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man------in humility, you appear to be doing so. Proud of you JJ! @yashar-brewer Happy Birthday!!