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    The Patria Company via Assemble-Together.org (together with its affiliates, successors, and assigns, hereinafter referred to as “THE PATRIA COMPANY”, “ASSEMBLE-TOGETHER”, “OUR”, “WE”, or “US”) have adopted this Abuse Policy (the “Abuse Policy”). The Abuse Policy applies to the website www.assemble-together.org (the “Site”) to address claims of abuse.

    To balance the needs and interests of all of our users, we may prohibit content that does not meet the Site Content standards outlined in this Abuse Policy.

    Please review these standards. They will help you understand what type of expression and Content is acceptable, and what type of Content may be reported and removed.

    If you need to report abusive behavior to us, please review the Abuse Policy in its entirety and contact us via the dedicated Abuse email address listed below.

    If you believe you may be in danger, please contact your local law enforcement authorities in addition to reporting the content to us so that the situation can be addressed both online and offline.


    The physical and psychological safety of our members, of all ages, is our primary priority. We may remove content without notice to you and may escalate to appropriate law enforcement when we perceive a genuine risk of physical harm, illeagal activity or a direct threat to public safety.

    - Personal Information of Minors -

    Users may not add Content to any area of the Site that could reveal the contact information of any individual under 13 years of age (for example, name, address, telephone number, email address).

    - Violence and Threats -

    Users may not threaten others, or organize acts of violence. Organizations with a record of violent criminal activity are not permitted to maintain a presence on the Site and their profiles will be removed from the Site. Targeted abuse or harassment is a violation of Our Agreement.

    - Bullying and Harassment -

    We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. We take action on all valid reports we receive regarding abusive behavior directed at other users.  This includes, but is not limited to, chatrooms, comments and unnecessary flagging.  We expect kindness at Assemble-Together.org and even insults could result in account suspension or termination.

    - Hate Speech -

    We do not permit hate speech. Assemble-Together does not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or medical condition.

    - Graphic Content -

    Graphic images shared to celebrate or glorify violence are not permitted on the Site.

    - Pornography and Nudity -

    We have a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content. This also includes any display of nudity, regardless of its artistic merit. We will remove material we deem obscene, pornographic, immodest or sexually suggestive.

    - Self-Harm -

    We will remove any promotion or encouragement of self-harm, or drug abuse.

    - Identity and Privacy -

    We ask that users refrain from publishing the personal information of others without their consent. Claiming to be another person, creating a false presence for another artist or organization, or creating multiple accounts violates Our Agreement and the Trademark Policy.

    - Intellectual Property -

    Before posting content to the Site, please be sure you have the right to do so. We require that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights at all times. Infringing the intellectual property rights of others violates Our Agreement and/or the Trademark Policy.

    - SPAM and Phishing -

    We take the safety of our members seriously and work to prevent attempts to compromise their privacy or security. We also require that you respect our users by not contacting them for any commercial purposes, other than what is specifically facilitated through Assemble-Together.org.

    - Security -

    We take the safety of our members seriously and work to prevent attempts to compromise their privacy or security, including those that use fraud or deception. Additionally, we ask that you respect our members by not contacting them for any commercial purposes, other than what is specifically facilitated through Assemble-Together.org.

    - User Disputes -

    Assemble-Together provides a platform which encompasses a variety of users with different voices, ideas and perspectives. As a policy, we do not mediate content or intervene in disputes between users, unless the actions of a user violate this Abuse Policy, Our Agreement, or other applicable policy.

    - Offensive Content -

    Users are allowed to post content, including potentially inflammatory content, provided they do not violate Our Agreement or another applicable policy. Assemble-Together does its best to screen content, but does not remove potentially offensive content unless such content violates the Abuse Policy, another applicable policy, or Our Agreement.

    If you believe the content or behavior you are reporting is prohibited in your local jurisdiction, please contact your local authorities so they can accurately assess the content or behavior for possible violations of local law. If Assemble-Together is contacted directly by law enforcement, we can work with them and provide assistance for their investigation.


    In our sincere desire to foster an environment of love and mutual respect on Assemble-Together, we are all too aware of the deep divide that exists concerning the subject of Yeshu, Yeshua or Jesus.  This disagreement has resulted in centuries of hurt and destruction, (please see "Our Apology to the Jewish People").   Therefore, it is the strict stance of Assemble-Together, and a violation of our Abuse Policy, to engage in Missionary or Counter-missionary Activity on the Assemble-Together Platform. 

    Missionary or Counter-missionary Activity includes, but is not limited to the following:

    1. Engaging in a conversation with the explicit intent of steering it toward the subject of Yeshu, Yeshua or Jesus; whether negatively or positively.

    2. Making remarks or comments that are clearly persuasive in nature, meant to sway another person's current belief system concerning Yeshu, Yeshua or Jesus; either for, or against.

    3. Direct confrontation concerning another person's belief system concerning Yeshu, Yeshua or Jesus.  (This will result in immediate Membership Suspension).

    The following activity is not recognized as Missionary or Counter-missionary Activity:

    1. Engaging in the "Messiah / Mashiach" discussion forum and presenting Biblical and extra-Biblical arguments concerning the attributes of the Jewish Messiah.  Opinions concerning who fulfills these requirements are not a part of the discussion board.

    2. Making a statement of fact concerning your own belief system.  "I believe -thus and such- based upon -thus and such-."  It should be duly noted that one should be very careful of their wording as ANY persuasive speech will be seen as a violation of our Abuse Policy.

    3. Answering a direct question regarding one's belief system, as long as the intent of the question is simply to gain a better understanding of another person's belief system.  If the intent of the question is to counter with how you differ, this will be seen as a violation of our Abuse Policy.

    If you believe you are in physical danger, contact the local law enforcement authorities who have the tools to address the issue immediately!

    If you decide to work with law enforcement, make sure to do the following:

    1. Document the violent or abusive content or messages with print-outs or screenshots;

    2. Be as specific as possible about why you are concerned;

    3. Provide any context you have around who you believe might be involved, such as evidence of abusive behavior found on other websites;

    4. Provide any information regarding previous threats you may have received.

    You can also report the content to us via our dedicated Abuse email address listed below.


    Simply because a user disagrees with or receives unwanted communication, such behavior does not necessarily constitute online abuse. Please utilize your account settings in order to control who can comment on your user profile and/or contact you. Only if two members mutually follow each other they can send and receive chat messages with each other. To block another member from sending you direct messages simply log in, go to that member’s profile page, click on the [Following] button in the top right of that member's cover image  to "unfollow".  All members are able to delete unwanted Comments on their profile. If a member sees a comment on their profile or receives a message the member does not like, then the member should simply take the above-mentioned steps to end any communication with the offending member.

    Abusive users often lose interest once they realize that you will not respond. If the user in question is a friend, try addressing the issue offline. If you have had a misunderstanding, it may be possible to clear the matter up face to face or with the help of a trusted individual.

    If you continue receiving unwanted, targeted and continuous communications, and feel it constitutes online abuse, consider reporting the behavior to us via a Support Ticket.  Please label the ticket subject - "Abuse Policy Violation".

    If you are a minor, and you know who the person is that is harassing you, please let a parent, teacher, or trusted adult know so they may assist.


    If you see something on the Site that you believe violates the Abuse Policy or Our Agreement, you should report it to us. Please keep in mind that reporting a piece of content does not guarantee that it will be removed from the site.

    It is possible that something could be disagreeable or disturbing to you without meeting the criteria for being removed or blocked. For this reason, we also offer personal controls over comments, and who may contact you.

    Valid Abuse Reports must contain the following information within the Support Ticket:

    1. Your full name.

    2. Your email.

    3. Your address.

    4. Assemble-Together username.

    5. How you are involved.

    6. What you are reporting.

    7. If the threat of physical harm is involved.

    8. The username causing the issue.

    9. Specific examples as evidence of the issue.

    10. At least one direct link to the content being reporting; more links help to establish patterns.

    11. Your Physical or Electronic Signature.